Sunday, 11 August 2013

Had a lil Test Game

Yesterday was some good fun concerning table top gaming. I finally got to test run my rules, playing against my partner, a beginner to the wargaming community let alone my rules.

(Don't expect battle report, as its just really a recap of my enjoyment and what I found. If we had been using properly painted terrain etc, then I would have taken pictures etc, but we wasn't. Sorry viewers)

As chosen prior to set up, I was using Goblins, and she was using the Murex.

Goblin Force
1 x Grinnah
5 x Goblin Protectors (3 Sword & Shield + 2 Spearmen)
18 x Goblin Warriors

Main Objective
Kill King Brutum

Secondary Objective
Kill all the Murex

Murex Force
1 x King Brutum
1 x Sh'rial
1 x Murex Vulcan
6 x Murex Warriors
1 x Murex Crawler
Main Objective
Kill Grinnah
Secondary Objective
Take both Bases

With the fact that Murex can re-animate after 3 turns if their core isn't destroyed (1-4 die roll meaning the core isn't destroyed... will have to look into changing that rule as it made it waaaay tooo difficult to kill), it made an already difficult foe, an almost unstoppable one. The only guys that could hold their own sufficiently against these rock beings were the Protectors and Grinnah himself, though just barely.

I found the game to be quite enjoyable, moving to try and pin down an opponent, only to realise they were in fact almost out of my league. For her part, Jade played quite well, despite only having this as her first experience.

What I found with her though, was that she failed to use her models efficiently, for fear of rolling badly when it came to it. Not mentioning the fact she didn't really move her models every turn, which was allowing me to pick on individuals without fear of enemy aid. With King Brutum not only having the same re-animation trait as his peers, but having a trait that would weaken any enemy who attacked him, and only having to roll to hit when attacking the Goblin Warriors, she could have wiped out the Goblins protecting the base with some ease if she had wanted, though I believe Grinnah, and the Protectors would have had something to say about that.

However, instead, we were met with several standoffs which came to be the highlights of the game, where though she took down 11 of my Goblin Warriors, 3 Goblin Protectors had left their small base to give aid to their brethren, helping take down four Murex Warriors and the Murex Vulcan. These were no easy feat, as the Murex Vulcan had already laid claim to the first wound upon Grinnah, who I foolishly had left in its line of fire.

After deciding she had enough Murex on the main base where Grinnah was, she then sent King Brutum straight up, who didn't even need to do any climbing tests due to his height. Straight away he took down a Goblin Warrior, whilst Sha'riel and a Murex Warrior tried to hold off two Goblin Protectors moving to back up Grinnah.

But alas, we called it a draw as Jade's back was really hurting (she's 26 weeks pregnant), and none of us had completed either of our objectives.

So I need to look into re-animation, retreating from a close combat and the Horde ability, as far as I can tell from that game. There will probably be more issues to arise when I get to test it to a better degree again, as I didn't get to use Grinnah's ability.


  1. Nice summary of the game. How did your partner find the game besides backache?

    1. She said that she quite enjoyed it. Originally she didn't think she would, as she's not really into things like that, but it seemed like it pulled her in.

      I was quite happy with that, as since I've moved from England to Wales, she's going to be the person I would be able to play games with mainly, as friends and family obviously didn't move with me =O