Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Slingshot is here!

Here it is! The post I've been waiting to show you! Sorry Michael, I replied telling you you'd see the Murex miniatures I painted in the next post, but I had forgotten I wanted this post next. So if you stick around, you'll be able to see them in the post after, and as I said, they look really good in my opinion. But for now, grab some fodder, load your slingshots, and prepare for the enemy!

Yes, it's that model that I made from Escape from Goblin Town set with a lizardmen miniature to boot.

So what items are included in this miniature? Firstly, green stuff, green paste, a Lizardmen miniature, The Goblin Scribe, Two platform posts, and I believe the part that is meant to hold the Goblin Scribe in the air on his seesaw.

Originally I was going to make a catapult, but after moving, waaaay after, I then changed my mind to make a sling shot, with plans to make several more smaller versions as well.

I knew from my original plans that I was going to make this a collaboration between goblin and lizardman, as in my game, the two races are allies who live in the same realm. Of course, this was basically me wanting to represent this collaboration, though The Scribe is good for nothing more than directing how to use the machinery.

I felt that since I wouldn't be using The Goblin Scribe, it would be good to use his model rather than use up a perfectly good Goblin model. Can't say the same about the Lizardmen though, aye?

What was the order of things? I first put together the platform for The Goblin Scribe, minus that beam thing and the wheel... and the scribe himself. Then I moulded some green putty into a long string like shape and attached it to either end of the beam, allowing it to hang out in the direction I wanted by leaning the piece against the wall overnight.

This of course let the putty dry in this position. Once I checked it, I added the fodder holster, simply pressing a ball of green stuff together between my wet finger and thumb. Drying it enough so it would stick to the string, whilst not enough so it wouldn't come off my hand, I then used one of my sculpting tools to press it into the sling's string, supporting the string with my finger underneath.

Next I glued the platform to a large base using model super glue from Modelzone, and waited a while for that to dry before beginning to look for the perfect position for my lizardman. I wanted him doing something, not just standing around with fighting gear. So the perfect thing for him was to be loading the slingshot. Originally I wondered if he should have his shield and weapon on, but instead I opted to have the shield leant against one of the posts, and will be adding a sword on the platform at a later date.

This done, I used green putty to wedge two platform posts onto the base, securing the goblin scribe on them for his directing position. Then I covered the base in green paste before using green putty to form the rocks that would be used as ammo.

What do you think of it? I'm quite pleased with it actually.

And there is this. Another use for a platform post. Turning it into a large crossbow. I will be using the remainder of the posts to make crossbows and small slingshots, which can be carried by a unit into war and used. I think it will add a great dynamic to gameplay, as you have the option to reduce your moving speed to carry one of these heavy weapons, but when you feel it's no longer any use, you can simply leave it where it is and move forth. Or you can choose to destroy it so the enemy can't capture it.

So, that's all for today. A lot of text in this post, I must say. Hopefully not too much for you guys. Hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to the next one.


  1. it's a great result!
    very imaginative and effective.
    waiting to see them painted.

    1. Thanks Luca.
      Yeah, quite chuffed with these.
      Will be some time before I get round to painting though, as I'm going to try and stick with a list order now.

      So dwarves need to be finished off first.

  2. A wonderfully imaginative bit of kit bashing, looking forward to seeing it with paint.

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Enjoyed making it. I had thought that maybe I would end up deciding to forgo doing it, but I'm really glad I didn't.