Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Murex are forming

As with the Ents in the Lord of the Rings, I felt that my Murex needed a wide variety. Why? There is more than one stone, that's why. And I tried to incorporate this in my painting of the army, going from white stones, to brown stones, to grey stones, and to even molten rock.
Here you see the completed group of Murex miniatures I have done. There will be more to come months in the future, but for now, this is it. This group consists of Murex King, Murex Warriors, Murex captain, Murex Vulcan, Murex Crawler and Murex Thrower.

Firstly, concerning the Murex King. From the get go I wanted the king to be different. You see it in all miniature ranges. The Lords of a force, or race, are substantially different to their followers. Usually wreathed in clothing too fine and expensive for their fellows. Or maybe they have untold muscles waiting to be used against the enemy. Either way, there is always something that sets the leaders apart.
This is no different in the race of Murex. My original idea was the towering height of the model and the gemstone that was at the end of the arm. However, after a series of unfortunate events where the model's arms broke off, knees collapsed, legs snapped clear of the base, I decided to redo the model. I actually decided to redo it as two separate models. The original arms were broken in half, and I used the gem half for one of the arms, whilst the shoulder became the mallet hand on the other arm.
This was interesting in my opinion. I kept the original head, but set about crafting a new pair of legs for the miniature, using plastic sprue as the skeleton, and sculpting putty around it. Thankfully this worked. After piecing together the remaining bits into another model, that quite frankly looked like an abomination, I had two thoughts. 'I want the Murex King to stand out even more' and 'I want the second model to be something of significance'.
I came up with the fiery lava colour scheme for the King, thinking that it's not only the ultimate type of stone, as it was so hot it was burnt and melting, but it would be unique amongst the army. For the second miniature, I decided that it could be known as possibly being the origins of the Murex. Sort of like, this was one of the first formings, which is why its shape is not defined and with purpose, and its personality is quite savage.
The breaking of my Murex King led me on a great journey, and I can say I'm absolutely happy that it did.
Here you see the different miniatures in the Murex army, and their varying paint schemes. My favourite is the Murex King, as it was the first time I tried such a paint job.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope it didn't disappoint. Till next time.


  1. They are a wonderfully diverse bunch and totally individual. I really like the molten lava paint job.

    1. Thanks Michael. Yeah, that's my favourite of the lot, and it's such an improvement over the original paint job and sculpt as well.

  2. The Murex, third from the left, is awesome. I would try to avoid meeting him in battle.

    1. Haha, yeah, he's my favourite of the Murex.