Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Scaley adventure

'A flash of scales through a crevice in the crumbling stone wall. Something was inside... moving. Was this not goblin territory? Had goblins changed so in the last hundred years? The gruff little dwarf snorted in bemusement at the thought of the ugly creatures becoming more hideous. He had thought such a thing impossible.
Despite his years, he was a hardy one who could remember the days when axes brought glory upon their wielders in a flurry of hacking and slashing. Now, it was the time of the mace. A brute force of weapon to cave in a foe's head and body, and soul if so be it. With creatures like the Murex around, it had proven a valuable weapon change by King Zre, rest his soul. The dwarf went to move, but a scratching noise caught his ear....'
A story for later days once Revolution is up and running :)
Today I began work on the lizardmen miniatures I had bought from Games Workshop to go into my Goblin army. Yes, I know, doesn't sound right does it? That's because you're now in a different land. I'm not sure of the name of the lizardmen yet, but they are a race that the goblins befriended in the depths of the earth.
So, I first began by deciding what it was I wanted to do. As I was actually only going to have 23 miniatures, not the 24 that is supplied in the box (I'm using one to man a large slingshot alongside the Goblin Scribe, which you will see in the next post), I had to sort the miniatures into their groups.
6,6,6,5. You'll be surprised how long it took for me to work that out before. After, I thought to myself... why did I not just divide it by 4 and subtract 1 from one of the groups in the first place? Lol. Anyway, below are the images. You can see two of the groups, and the equipment I have chosen for them.

The first group to be done was the blowpipers. These guys would be the main ranged unit in the force, though they were still armed with a saw dagger and shield. Don't know if saw dagger is the real name, but I like it.
Next were the spearmen or spearlizards. Whichever you prefer. I made sure each group had as much of a variety of lizardmen poses before starting to glue the arms on. This allowed for a great range in posing with weapons.

The third group to be done was the Defenders, or reinforcers. They wield both a blowpipe and spear, meaning that they can back up squads with range attack, or stand tall behind allies to plunge their spear tips through gaps at the enemy. Once again, these guys had shields, though I noted that the arm positions for the left handed spears were limited to two, or even one. I can't tell if there was a slight forward lean to some of the arms.

Last, but not least, was my Lizardmen command unit. These guys were kitted with the champion items I believe. Their arms were cut and glued to other arm ends to allow for four unique poses in the unit, whilst their captain, L'rku was given a spear arm, modified to be shorter and have a spear tip on both ends.
To help distinguish the different ranks in each squad, I thought that I'd let the captains have the shield with the feather, whilst the ribbons on the other shields told of how high you were. No ribbons meant you were a newbie, whilst two ribbons was just below Captain.
Can't wait to paint those up.
Just a quick update on the Murex figures... After continuously breaking the Murex King, I decided to use his pieces to make a new Murex King and another model.
New Murex King (You'll see where some of the original items have been used. The rest was sculpted anew)

Murex Vulcan (What would be known as a grotesque being in the Murex race. It spits balls of rocks from its maw to pummel its enemies and prey alike)
So, that's it for today. Next post will be quite a cool one in my opinion. I'll show you what I've done with some of my pieces from The Escape from Goblin Town set. You don't always have to use them how they were made to be used.


  1. Now they could be fun to paint! Looking forward to seeing these progress Nathan.

    1. Tell you what, the Murex king was brilliant to paint. I'm not sure if I'm putting up a post today or tomorrow, but you'll see what I did with it. I tried something new that I've never tried before. And as for the Murex Vulcan, I decided that it could be sort of an old being, which is why it has such a form.

      The Lizardmen will probably be pushed back until I finish my Dwarf army now, and start on the rest of the Goblin army.

      Thanks for viewing and commenting Michael.