Saturday, 13 July 2013

Preparation for War

Today I've had the chance to try a hand at painting the rock models I made for my game, as well as having a go at re-painting my mended Rock Monarch. Both arms had fallen off, and so after using green stuff and some superglue to put it back on securely, there was no doubt my guy was in need of a touch up to say the least.

Now, in the picture to the right, you'll see that one miniature, is actually the Yu-gi-oh figure Exodia, and as such, I can't claim to be the mastermind behind its design or sculpt, as all I did was purchase it years and years and years ago. But, that purchase has come in handy, as now I'll be using it as one of the Generals for the rock army, otherwise known as the Murex.

I used a desert yellow spray paint to base coat over the black, thinking I'd give it a go, as you've got to try new things out once in a while. Well, I can say I won't be keeping them that colour, though some will simply get a drybrushing added, as I like how it looks as an undertone. The bases however, I do like with this colour. Unfortunately, I will probably have to suffice with a lighter shade of brown instead of this colour.

 I can definitely say that I find using the good old fashion paint brush the best technique when it comes to models. For terrain, a base coat using spray paint is practical, but not so much for miniatures.

You'll have to wait until possibly the next post to see the results of what I did however. I'm going to try and do several different stone looks for this race, to incorporate the variety of stone textures and colours you can find in the world.

Which race does this army belong to?

That's right, it's the Dwarves! And which Dwarves are these? The Zragga Dwarves, hardy and loyal folk who are unlike their kin, in that they do not delve underground to live or mine, but live atop the soil. Another noticeable difference is their preference for a mace instead of an axe, though you will still find that most Zragga Dwarves keep one on hand, just in case. Never know when you'll need some firewood cutting.
So, you can see that the whole army needs some sort of paint job done, which will hopefully be done by the end of this month. I'll obviously keep you all updated, so no need to worry there :)
I can also inform you that I managed to buy some nice looking brown spray paint, so I will be able to continue with Goblin Lair project, and possibly show you next month? Then again, I'll be at the mercy of the weather when it comes to doing the terrain. It's nice and sunny currently, but I still have bits to finish making and add onto the terrain before I can spray paint. And I still need to repaint sections black prior to that too.
Oh, and next post definitely, you'll be able to see the results of the Murex miniatures I've made currently, though the Exodia miniature might not be amongst them. Still thinking of how to get that looking rocky enough. To be honest, might remove it altogether though. All depends.
So, stay tuned guys, more to come.


  1. hi
    good job!
    if i understood the point, you need good weather to let the paint dry; i use a cheap plastic greenhouse to put the pieces in and let them dry, whatever it rains or not.
    maybe you can do the same.
    waiting to see more!

    1. Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. Yeah, that's right, but I've really been getting along lately with painting. It's been quite a blast. I love how my Goblin Lair terrain is coming along as well.

      I think it will possibly just get the final image shown on the site, and keep all the steps etc for the first issue of Revolution.

      That plastic greenhouse idea sounds pretty cool. I may try it out.
      Thanks Luca