Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dwarf Watchpost

Hello once again, welcome to the second post of Table Top Revolution. I've been working on terrain once again lately, as I haven't been able to do anything with the rainy weather we've been having in Wales. However, now we've got some real sun on our hands, and I've been back out painting, gluing, the lot, taking real advantage of the summery weather.

Now, some of you may recognise the terrain in these pictures, as it is the Watch post I was working on back in Birmingham.

It started its life as two boards of polystyrene, some expanding foam, a sheet of cardboard, and two empty play-doh tubs. After situating them appropriately, so the upper board of polystyrene was lapping over the lower board, and balanced on the two empty tubs, I then filled in the empty space with the expanding foam.

Cutting and shaping where I needed, I added steps to the piece as well. This gave the result you see in the above picture. Looks good right? Well, a tad messy maybe. I tell you, you don't want to get the foam on your hands, or you're really going to have difficulty getting it off. REMINDER: Always use gloves!

So, after adding some touch up foam here and there, as you may be able to tell if you scrutinise the first image and second image, I then added a layer of watered down PVA glue. Once dried I added another.

The third layer I then added some sand to, and continued layering up the PVA glue and sand until I felt that the amount was suitable. I also cut some popsicle sticks in half to use as a fence, deterring climbers, and allowing the defenders to funnel the attackers to either of two places: stairs or a small sideway.

Satisfied with the look of the terrain, I began to basecoat it. Because I didn't want to use my small pots of GW and Model Zone paints, I used a pot of leftover matte black paint that I had used for my bedroom walls previously. Brilliant idea I believe, though it would set me up for a some complications later on another terrain piece.

Once the black was done, I then layered on some dark brown, though I managed to forget to take some pictures, so have nothing to show you on that front unfortunately. The paint was glossy, which was a bit disappointing, as I could have just highlighted after and be basically done. Alas, life has its hurdles, and I was forced to think of finding another alternative.

This is when I then relocated to Wales, not to find paint, and had to put my hobby on hold.

Today I used some spray desert yellow on the piece, giving it this effect. I'm really not too sure about it, but it was the only brown I could attain currently. I'm thinking of ordering off amazon, but I need to watch what I spend as me and my partner have allocated ourselves personal allowances, and with the price of bus fare, it really doesn't last long.

By the way, we're expecting a baby boy =D I'm really excited! It's my first child. We're going to be naming him Alexander Stephen Watt. Can't wait! Well, more on the Watch post at a later date.


  1. Looking great Nathan and I love the new blog, perhaps add a followers button?

    1. Thanks mate, and I thought I had one already, but turns out I didn't =O So I've added the follow button now.

    2. Excellent, now a fully fledged member!

  2. good job, waiting for more!
    i'm happy for you for your son!

    1. Thanks Luca.
      How's the hobby been treating you lately?

  3. This looks great! I always find terrain building to be a refreshing break from painting miniatures. It keeps me motivated. Also, congrats on your future gamer!

    1. Thanks. I'm thinking about painting the flat ground a darker brown or something to break up the terrain. Don't know what I'll use to highlight over where this colour will be remaining though.

      Yeah, it is. I really want to show the cool Goblin lair terrain I've been working on, but I don't want to ruin the surprise. Want it completed before I put it up. But, without tooting my own horn, I think it looks absolutely cool!!!! I tested some models on it the other day, and... god, if there's one post you need to come back to see, it will be that one!