Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dwarven Craftmenship

Here you go, one Dwarf Scout (Dwarf Warriors) squad, as well as King Zrael completed. I did get these guys finished the other day, but didn't take any pictures then and there, so it wasn't until today that I could post.

King Zrael was a complete design and sculpt miniature, also using the pole of a flag and modifying it to be his War Pick.

I really like how his hair turned out the most, followed by the luxury waist cloth. The arms stand out quite a lot, which I'm not sure if I really like. As you can see, the hands weren't sculpted very well, which I believe improved on my Dwarf Captain for my Falcon Hammers.

Captain Azagin differs from his companions with a sheath on his back, a trusted tested sword in one hand, and a unique shield in the other.

I really like how these guys look, and I can't wait to get the rest of the army finished and sealed.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Goblin Lair completed?

Yes! The Goblin Lair has now been completed! Well, these two sections of the Goblin Lair have been anyway. The grass part is classed as a section to me as it is on a different board, so doesn't have to be used.
It may be worth noting that I will be adding all the steps and my thoughts on this piece in the first Issue of Revolution come the New Year. So if you're interested and have any queries, feel free to ask.

So, after all that waiting from back in March, was it? It is finally revealed. If you remember, I had just dragged a whole box of polystyrene on a 15min walk back to my home, because I had big plans! Of course, with the move, those plans were put on hold. But now, here it is for your eyes :)
Done and Dusted? Not a chance! See the fact is, I'm still not properly moved, so until we move properly, this is as far as I can go with the Goblin Lair. As given away in the first bit of the post, there will be more sections I want to add on. I'm planning on having a river, ruined chamber, a short tunnel across, and more features, when I get the proper space.
The tunnel feature was actually an inspiration from seeing a post by John Gamble from erurainons lord of the rings.
So, feel free to click the images to see them in their larger forms.

Ah, my Grim Hammer, or Falcon Hammer, as they are called in my game. It has been quite a while since I've made any real progress on the Dwarves, bar the finally managing to paint them all black. Here is one finished one.
Originally, after a tip from a GW staff member, I was going to undercoat them in a shade of grey, then dry brush or wet brush black over. I tried it... didn't particularly turn out well. So I had a thought. At least 6 years ago, I got a free dark elder figure at a beginner class in GW, and painted it yellow with some ice blue trims. I really enjoyed the focus I had to give the model when doing the trims, and further liked the finish.

I thought, why not do the same with my Dwarves? These Falcon Hammers are meant to be one of the crème de la crème in the force, so why not really try and go all out? So, I tried. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect at this, and you'll probably be able to see that, but it sure doesn't look bad at all!

And finally, my Murex Vulcan here got a bit of an upgrade. After having decided last time this type of being in the Murex race was suppose to symbolise the very start of their race forming, I thought I could add to it by just giving some areas and crevasses a small coat of mossy green, and then adding some GW bush material there.

I feel that it has turned out well, and differs further from the other miniatures.

Thanks for reading and viewing guys and gals. Hope to have you join me again next time, as I start churning out the Dwarf Army, or Zragga Dwarves (Dwarves of Zragga?)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Murex are forming

As with the Ents in the Lord of the Rings, I felt that my Murex needed a wide variety. Why? There is more than one stone, that's why. And I tried to incorporate this in my painting of the army, going from white stones, to brown stones, to grey stones, and to even molten rock.
Here you see the completed group of Murex miniatures I have done. There will be more to come months in the future, but for now, this is it. This group consists of Murex King, Murex Warriors, Murex captain, Murex Vulcan, Murex Crawler and Murex Thrower.

Firstly, concerning the Murex King. From the get go I wanted the king to be different. You see it in all miniature ranges. The Lords of a force, or race, are substantially different to their followers. Usually wreathed in clothing too fine and expensive for their fellows. Or maybe they have untold muscles waiting to be used against the enemy. Either way, there is always something that sets the leaders apart.
This is no different in the race of Murex. My original idea was the towering height of the model and the gemstone that was at the end of the arm. However, after a series of unfortunate events where the model's arms broke off, knees collapsed, legs snapped clear of the base, I decided to redo the model. I actually decided to redo it as two separate models. The original arms were broken in half, and I used the gem half for one of the arms, whilst the shoulder became the mallet hand on the other arm.
This was interesting in my opinion. I kept the original head, but set about crafting a new pair of legs for the miniature, using plastic sprue as the skeleton, and sculpting putty around it. Thankfully this worked. After piecing together the remaining bits into another model, that quite frankly looked like an abomination, I had two thoughts. 'I want the Murex King to stand out even more' and 'I want the second model to be something of significance'.
I came up with the fiery lava colour scheme for the King, thinking that it's not only the ultimate type of stone, as it was so hot it was burnt and melting, but it would be unique amongst the army. For the second miniature, I decided that it could be known as possibly being the origins of the Murex. Sort of like, this was one of the first formings, which is why its shape is not defined and with purpose, and its personality is quite savage.
The breaking of my Murex King led me on a great journey, and I can say I'm absolutely happy that it did.
Here you see the different miniatures in the Murex army, and their varying paint schemes. My favourite is the Murex King, as it was the first time I tried such a paint job.

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope it didn't disappoint. Till next time.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Slingshot is here!

Here it is! The post I've been waiting to show you! Sorry Michael, I replied telling you you'd see the Murex miniatures I painted in the next post, but I had forgotten I wanted this post next. So if you stick around, you'll be able to see them in the post after, and as I said, they look really good in my opinion. But for now, grab some fodder, load your slingshots, and prepare for the enemy!

Yes, it's that model that I made from Escape from Goblin Town set with a lizardmen miniature to boot.

So what items are included in this miniature? Firstly, green stuff, green paste, a Lizardmen miniature, The Goblin Scribe, Two platform posts, and I believe the part that is meant to hold the Goblin Scribe in the air on his seesaw.

Originally I was going to make a catapult, but after moving, waaaay after, I then changed my mind to make a sling shot, with plans to make several more smaller versions as well.

I knew from my original plans that I was going to make this a collaboration between goblin and lizardman, as in my game, the two races are allies who live in the same realm. Of course, this was basically me wanting to represent this collaboration, though The Scribe is good for nothing more than directing how to use the machinery.

I felt that since I wouldn't be using The Goblin Scribe, it would be good to use his model rather than use up a perfectly good Goblin model. Can't say the same about the Lizardmen though, aye?

What was the order of things? I first put together the platform for The Goblin Scribe, minus that beam thing and the wheel... and the scribe himself. Then I moulded some green putty into a long string like shape and attached it to either end of the beam, allowing it to hang out in the direction I wanted by leaning the piece against the wall overnight.

This of course let the putty dry in this position. Once I checked it, I added the fodder holster, simply pressing a ball of green stuff together between my wet finger and thumb. Drying it enough so it would stick to the string, whilst not enough so it wouldn't come off my hand, I then used one of my sculpting tools to press it into the sling's string, supporting the string with my finger underneath.

Next I glued the platform to a large base using model super glue from Modelzone, and waited a while for that to dry before beginning to look for the perfect position for my lizardman. I wanted him doing something, not just standing around with fighting gear. So the perfect thing for him was to be loading the slingshot. Originally I wondered if he should have his shield and weapon on, but instead I opted to have the shield leant against one of the posts, and will be adding a sword on the platform at a later date.

This done, I used green putty to wedge two platform posts onto the base, securing the goblin scribe on them for his directing position. Then I covered the base in green paste before using green putty to form the rocks that would be used as ammo.

What do you think of it? I'm quite pleased with it actually.

And there is this. Another use for a platform post. Turning it into a large crossbow. I will be using the remainder of the posts to make crossbows and small slingshots, which can be carried by a unit into war and used. I think it will add a great dynamic to gameplay, as you have the option to reduce your moving speed to carry one of these heavy weapons, but when you feel it's no longer any use, you can simply leave it where it is and move forth. Or you can choose to destroy it so the enemy can't capture it.

So, that's all for today. A lot of text in this post, I must say. Hopefully not too much for you guys. Hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to the next one.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Scaley adventure

'A flash of scales through a crevice in the crumbling stone wall. Something was inside... moving. Was this not goblin territory? Had goblins changed so in the last hundred years? The gruff little dwarf snorted in bemusement at the thought of the ugly creatures becoming more hideous. He had thought such a thing impossible.
Despite his years, he was a hardy one who could remember the days when axes brought glory upon their wielders in a flurry of hacking and slashing. Now, it was the time of the mace. A brute force of weapon to cave in a foe's head and body, and soul if so be it. With creatures like the Murex around, it had proven a valuable weapon change by King Zre, rest his soul. The dwarf went to move, but a scratching noise caught his ear....'
A story for later days once Revolution is up and running :)
Today I began work on the lizardmen miniatures I had bought from Games Workshop to go into my Goblin army. Yes, I know, doesn't sound right does it? That's because you're now in a different land. I'm not sure of the name of the lizardmen yet, but they are a race that the goblins befriended in the depths of the earth.
So, I first began by deciding what it was I wanted to do. As I was actually only going to have 23 miniatures, not the 24 that is supplied in the box (I'm using one to man a large slingshot alongside the Goblin Scribe, which you will see in the next post), I had to sort the miniatures into their groups.
6,6,6,5. You'll be surprised how long it took for me to work that out before. After, I thought to myself... why did I not just divide it by 4 and subtract 1 from one of the groups in the first place? Lol. Anyway, below are the images. You can see two of the groups, and the equipment I have chosen for them.

The first group to be done was the blowpipers. These guys would be the main ranged unit in the force, though they were still armed with a saw dagger and shield. Don't know if saw dagger is the real name, but I like it.
Next were the spearmen or spearlizards. Whichever you prefer. I made sure each group had as much of a variety of lizardmen poses before starting to glue the arms on. This allowed for a great range in posing with weapons.

The third group to be done was the Defenders, or reinforcers. They wield both a blowpipe and spear, meaning that they can back up squads with range attack, or stand tall behind allies to plunge their spear tips through gaps at the enemy. Once again, these guys had shields, though I noted that the arm positions for the left handed spears were limited to two, or even one. I can't tell if there was a slight forward lean to some of the arms.

Last, but not least, was my Lizardmen command unit. These guys were kitted with the champion items I believe. Their arms were cut and glued to other arm ends to allow for four unique poses in the unit, whilst their captain, L'rku was given a spear arm, modified to be shorter and have a spear tip on both ends.
To help distinguish the different ranks in each squad, I thought that I'd let the captains have the shield with the feather, whilst the ribbons on the other shields told of how high you were. No ribbons meant you were a newbie, whilst two ribbons was just below Captain.
Can't wait to paint those up.
Just a quick update on the Murex figures... After continuously breaking the Murex King, I decided to use his pieces to make a new Murex King and another model.
New Murex King (You'll see where some of the original items have been used. The rest was sculpted anew)

Murex Vulcan (What would be known as a grotesque being in the Murex race. It spits balls of rocks from its maw to pummel its enemies and prey alike)
So, that's it for today. Next post will be quite a cool one in my opinion. I'll show you what I've done with some of my pieces from The Escape from Goblin Town set. You don't always have to use them how they were made to be used.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Preparation for War

Today I've had the chance to try a hand at painting the rock models I made for my game, as well as having a go at re-painting my mended Rock Monarch. Both arms had fallen off, and so after using green stuff and some superglue to put it back on securely, there was no doubt my guy was in need of a touch up to say the least.

Now, in the picture to the right, you'll see that one miniature, is actually the Yu-gi-oh figure Exodia, and as such, I can't claim to be the mastermind behind its design or sculpt, as all I did was purchase it years and years and years ago. But, that purchase has come in handy, as now I'll be using it as one of the Generals for the rock army, otherwise known as the Murex.

I used a desert yellow spray paint to base coat over the black, thinking I'd give it a go, as you've got to try new things out once in a while. Well, I can say I won't be keeping them that colour, though some will simply get a drybrushing added, as I like how it looks as an undertone. The bases however, I do like with this colour. Unfortunately, I will probably have to suffice with a lighter shade of brown instead of this colour.

 I can definitely say that I find using the good old fashion paint brush the best technique when it comes to models. For terrain, a base coat using spray paint is practical, but not so much for miniatures.

You'll have to wait until possibly the next post to see the results of what I did however. I'm going to try and do several different stone looks for this race, to incorporate the variety of stone textures and colours you can find in the world.

Which race does this army belong to?

That's right, it's the Dwarves! And which Dwarves are these? The Zragga Dwarves, hardy and loyal folk who are unlike their kin, in that they do not delve underground to live or mine, but live atop the soil. Another noticeable difference is their preference for a mace instead of an axe, though you will still find that most Zragga Dwarves keep one on hand, just in case. Never know when you'll need some firewood cutting.
So, you can see that the whole army needs some sort of paint job done, which will hopefully be done by the end of this month. I'll obviously keep you all updated, so no need to worry there :)
I can also inform you that I managed to buy some nice looking brown spray paint, so I will be able to continue with Goblin Lair project, and possibly show you next month? Then again, I'll be at the mercy of the weather when it comes to doing the terrain. It's nice and sunny currently, but I still have bits to finish making and add onto the terrain before I can spray paint. And I still need to repaint sections black prior to that too.
Oh, and next post definitely, you'll be able to see the results of the Murex miniatures I've made currently, though the Exodia miniature might not be amongst them. Still thinking of how to get that looking rocky enough. To be honest, might remove it altogether though. All depends.
So, stay tuned guys, more to come.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dwarf Watchpost

Hello once again, welcome to the second post of Table Top Revolution. I've been working on terrain once again lately, as I haven't been able to do anything with the rainy weather we've been having in Wales. However, now we've got some real sun on our hands, and I've been back out painting, gluing, the lot, taking real advantage of the summery weather.

Now, some of you may recognise the terrain in these pictures, as it is the Watch post I was working on back in Birmingham.

It started its life as two boards of polystyrene, some expanding foam, a sheet of cardboard, and two empty play-doh tubs. After situating them appropriately, so the upper board of polystyrene was lapping over the lower board, and balanced on the two empty tubs, I then filled in the empty space with the expanding foam.

Cutting and shaping where I needed, I added steps to the piece as well. This gave the result you see in the above picture. Looks good right? Well, a tad messy maybe. I tell you, you don't want to get the foam on your hands, or you're really going to have difficulty getting it off. REMINDER: Always use gloves!

So, after adding some touch up foam here and there, as you may be able to tell if you scrutinise the first image and second image, I then added a layer of watered down PVA glue. Once dried I added another.

The third layer I then added some sand to, and continued layering up the PVA glue and sand until I felt that the amount was suitable. I also cut some popsicle sticks in half to use as a fence, deterring climbers, and allowing the defenders to funnel the attackers to either of two places: stairs or a small sideway.

Satisfied with the look of the terrain, I began to basecoat it. Because I didn't want to use my small pots of GW and Model Zone paints, I used a pot of leftover matte black paint that I had used for my bedroom walls previously. Brilliant idea I believe, though it would set me up for a some complications later on another terrain piece.

Once the black was done, I then layered on some dark brown, though I managed to forget to take some pictures, so have nothing to show you on that front unfortunately. The paint was glossy, which was a bit disappointing, as I could have just highlighted after and be basically done. Alas, life has its hurdles, and I was forced to think of finding another alternative.

This is when I then relocated to Wales, not to find paint, and had to put my hobby on hold.

Today I used some spray desert yellow on the piece, giving it this effect. I'm really not too sure about it, but it was the only brown I could attain currently. I'm thinking of ordering off amazon, but I need to watch what I spend as me and my partner have allocated ourselves personal allowances, and with the price of bus fare, it really doesn't last long.

By the way, we're expecting a baby boy =D I'm really excited! It's my first child. We're going to be naming him Alexander Stephen Watt. Can't wait! Well, more on the Watch post at a later date.